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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Project64k is outdated and only properly syncs very few games. See Mupen64 for better compatibility rate.

PROJECT64K Download:
(Gameshark Support)

MUPEN64K Download
(Save Support)

Project64k has very low online synced game comparability so it is only suggested for emulating with the intent of using GAMESHARK CHEATS
For games like Mario Party, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing with SAVE SUPPORT  use Mupen64. It is highly recommended over PJ64k, but PJ64k seems to be the emu of choice, despite only running about 4 games in total correctly over netplay.

For most the 'best' netplay with no desyncs, use Project64 with AQZ Netplay input. Which a tutorial and download bundle can be found below. (Note: AQZ works with Savestates and each individual player having the same emulation (saves, and cheats) information as each other, as well as someone Port Forwarded to host the server, or using a VPN like Hamachi)