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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project64k 0.27

Project64k 0.27 by Smasherx74

Whats new

-The layout is designed back to the original.

-Multi Language support (I fixed the menu to lang glitch)
-Languages support Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Korean, and french.

-Emulator's memory is now 496kb compared to older versions being 700kb to 1mb

-New Short cuts

-MyGlide WIP added

-Owna's new updated kailleraclient.

-New Icon

-High res logo

(Build 3.0 and higher change log)

-Compressed .exe so people cannot steal my work

-Smaller File size

-Kailleraclient playback is larger window

-New icon and updated Logo

Build 3.0 - Download


  1. can you make a windows rezitsable on plaback screen in kaillera ?

    and you know if it possible to pure save state syncronised with user on kaillera ?

  2. There is no reason to have a sizeable playback window.

    I don't know what you mean pure save state, explain.

  3. sizeable playback window it's only for see if we rename the playback name because always when we will see the playback name we musst scroll left and rezise name position ;o)

    save state syncronisation ... When we play game online if some player as not the same save states the game désync or on Snes Emulator the progam auto sync save state

  4. I've never done "save state 'syncronisation" but I understand what you mean, however it seems that would be more along the lines of previewing a hack for a rom.

    The Sizeable playback window I'll fix, didn't know people cared about name of it.

  5. Thank you for support Korean.

    However, I can't find Korean on menu.

    Please check and reply. :-)

  6. you wanna make a chat ? on port open in all computer ? Wich port are open in all computer ? because some player don't know how to open a port